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Welcome to the homepage of the Dynamics of Biological Networks group at the University of Bristol. Please click on the links on the left to learn more about us and our work.


2017-08-09: Paper accepted: Meta-foodweb thresholds

Gesa's paper on the computation of persistence thresholds in meta-foodwebs has now been accepted for publication in DCDS-B.


Congratulations to Edmund for passing his PhD!

2017-08-02: Paper accepted: Meta-foodwebs

Edmunds paper on Meta-foodwebs has been accepted for publication in Scientific Reports

2017-08-02: Paper published: Epidemics on Networks

Thilo's article on epidemic spreading in networks has appeared in the CREST security journal.

2017-06-27: EPSRC Review College

Thilo is now full member of the EPSRC Peer Review College.

2017-06-21: Classic Paper

Our paper on the adaptive SIS model was identified by google as a classic in nonlinear science. The google classics are the 10 most impactful paper in a year in a given field.

2017-05-24: Thanks to three great spekers

Mark Fricker, Ernesto Estrada, and Dirk Brockmann were the speakers for the launch symposium of our new collective dynamics group. Thanks again for the fantastic talks.

2017-05-24: Brainground Blog

Thilo was invited to write the first post on the new "brainground" blog: Here it is

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