BioND — Dynamics of Biological Networks

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Welcome to the homepage of the Dynamics of Biological Networks group at the University of Bristol. Please click on the links on the left to learn more about us and our work.


2016-11-03: EPSRC Peer Review College

Thilo has joined the EPSRC Peer Review College

2016-11-03: News & Views in Nature Physics

We published a News and Views piece in nature physics

2016-10-28: New preprint: Master Stability for Multilayer Networks

It turns our some multilayer networks behave exactly like reaction-diffusion equations in space.

2016-09-07: Paper accepted: Signature stability criteria

This paper was a result of a collaboration with Stefano Boccaletti, and the lab of Stefan Siegmund.

2016-09-07: News & Views

Thilo just finished a News & Views piece for Nature Physics. Watch this space.

2016-09-02: Paper Published: Network Inoculation

Our paper with Tim Rogers from Bath has been accepted for publication in Chaos.

2016-08-11: Paper accepted: Adaptive Networks in Swarming System

Our paper with Li Chen and Cristian Huepe was accepted for publication in PRE.

2016-08-11: Warning Signs in Server Ecology

We got another project accepted that focuses on transferring ecological ideas to IT infrastructure.

2016-08-11: Paper published: Adaptive temporal networks

It is a busy day today: Our joint paper with Takaaki Aoki and Luis Rocha has appeared.

2016-07-19: Skyline

We got an Encore Network+ grant to explore cities. More about this soon!

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