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Welcome to the homepage of the Dynamics of Biological Networks group at the University of Bristol. Please click on the links on the left to learn more about us and our work.


2018-03-29: Paper published

Our paper on Salmon straying with Justin Yeakel has finally been published.

2018-03-20: One more week ...

... until our paper new paper with Justin Yeakel and friends will appear in Phil. Trans. Roy. Soc.

2018-03-19: Paper published: Meta-foodweb master stability functions

Our Master stability function approach to multilayer pattern formation in networks has finally appeared.

2018-02-28: Paper accepted: Fish migrations

Our new paper with Justin Yeakel and others was just accepted in Phil. Trans. Royal Soc.

2018-02-27: Paper submitted: Cyber Invasives

It's reading week in Bristol. So time to get some work done. Our paper on cyber invasives has finally been submitted.

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