BioND — Dynamics of Biological Networks

Local dynamical equivalence of certain food webs

Thilo Gross and Ulrike Feudel
Ocean Dynamics 59(2), 417-427, 2009.


Bifurcation diagram of a complex food web

An important challenge in theoretical ecology is to find good coarse-grained representations of complex food webs. Here, we use the approach of generalized modeling to show that it may be possible to formulate a coarse-graining algorithm that conserves the local dynamics of the model exactly. We show examples of food webs with a different number of species that have exactly identical local bifurcation diagrams. Based on these observations, we formulate a conjecture governing which populations of complex food webs can be grouped together into a single variable without changing the local dynamics. As an illustration, we use this conjecture to show that chaotic regions generically exist in the parameter space of a class of food webs with more than three trophic levels. While our conjecture is at present only applicable to relatively special cases, we believe that its applicability could be greatly extended if a more sophisticated mapping of parameters were used in the model reduction.

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