BioND — Dynamics of Biological Networks

Impact of cyber-invasives on a large ecological network

Anna Doizy, Edmund Barter, Varnham Karen, Jane Memmot, and Thilo Gross



As impacts of introduced species cascade through trophic levels, they can cause indirect and counter-intuitive effects. To investigate the impact of invasive species at a network level, we use a generalized food web model, capable of propagating changes through networks with a series of ecologically realistic criteria. Using data from a small British offshore island, we quantify the impacts of four virtual introduced species (a rat, an insectivore, a herbivore and a carnivore) and explore which clusters of species react in similar ways. The results suggest that some native species may be at risk from a wider range of invasives than previously believed. The implications of these results for ecologists and land managers are discussed.

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