Fusion of protein aggregates facilitates asymmetric damage segregation
Miguel Coelho, Steven J. Lade, Simon Alberti, Thilo Gross and Iva M. Tolić
PLoS Biol 12, e1001886, 2014

"Stressed Yeast paint a picture of Dorian Gray"

Commentary in PLoS Biology:

"We all pass unwanted stuff on to our children—emotional baggage, peculiar habits, unfashionable furniture. Cells do the same thing when they divide; along with their newly replicated genomes and the vital cellular organelles, they also pass on a lifetime's worth of accrued rubbish. An important component of this is the legacy of insoluble aggregated protein that the parent cell has failed to deal with by the normal processes of degradation, and the amount that's passed on can affect the lifespan and wellbeing of the daughter cells..."

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